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"Two Stocks From Hell" is an access group focused on helping people become BETTER traders leading to PROFITABLE outcomes. Whether you are a beginner or more experience, this group will provide concepts and skills to put more money in your pocket.

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My goal is to teach our members how to consistently identify, enter, and exit trades profitably. This is not an easy journey. Half of you will probably fail before the first year is up. The market washes so many of you out. The truth of the matter is that traders lack in the knowledge and DISCIPLINE necessary to become successful. It takes time to learn how to trade well. If it were easy everybody and their mother would be trading.

So prepare for a journey that is unbalanced, emotional, and mentally exhausting at times. But if you listen, practice, study, and apply the training that I am sharing with you, you'll increase your chances of becoming successful. Understand it may take a year. So buckle up, get your MIND right, and let's get to work!


                Welcome to Two Stocks From Hell.

In this is access group I will you research, experiences, stock reviews, concepts, and strategies during the LIVE WEBINAR.

But most importantly I will be giving you access to me PERSONALLY within the Discussion Board. 

If you find that you would benefit from individual coaching please click on the Community Groups tab WITHIN the StoneEye community to view the 3 groups that I offer. All groups will have varying price points and levels of interaction. If I can answer any questions please contact me through our message system.

If you find you are looking for short, consumable courses I will offer over 40 courses to choose from at just $19 bucks each. You can also find them...

Take advantage of the the opportunity. Most stock trading millionaires won't give you this kind of access for your price of admission. It (the interactive access) will pay for your monthly fee many times over if you apply what you learn. The true benefits come from the INTERACTION. We will have a weekly Webinar and I will occasionally offer Live Trading and Zoom calls. pay attention to the announcement section and be sure to have your  notifications turned on. Just click on your profile picture to access the drop down box. I would HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to be on ALL calls if possible.



The markets move fast and so should you. Successful traders know that knowledge is power and the ineffective use of time can cost you money.

Our weekly Webinar call is every Wednesday at 7pm EST. The call will typically last 60-90 minutes and will be recorded for your access.

Some of the calls will be recorded and placed into the group as an experience for your review. The link is below.

Getting Familiar

Familiarizing yourself with the platform will serve you well. That is where most of my content will be housed. So click on the tabs and explore.

Now more than maybe ever it is critical that you are able to earn money from home. Developing multiple streams of income such as trading stocks just makes great sense.

Your employer may downsize and unemployment benefits may not cover all of your expenses. And who knows when the next pandemic may come our way further complicating our lives.

What's Possible.

Truly 2020 has been one of the BEST YEARS of my life. Your turn is next. If you are to make it past year one remember the golden rules.

Take the money. Protect your money with a 3% stop loss on each trade. And remember that you can't go broke taking profits. Below is my new home being built as of the writing of this update (June 2021).

I paid cash for it. One million+ dollars when you include furniture. I wrote them a check. No financing. Think about it. Are you next?

(See the latest photos on my FB page. The home is nearly complete.}



To make BIG MONEY you have to do it all well. There aren't many shortcuts. You need to be consistently good. You have to understand risk reward and make strategic money producing decisions. When the money begins to arrive pay attention to taxes. It's pretty important to say the least. Tax shelters are your friend.

Click on the experience tab in the dashboard above and get the learning process started. Know that I will begin loading new experiences weekly.

I have been able to free myself from working for any company ever again! How did I do it? Learning how to consistently trade stocks PROFITABLY.  I learned over time. Understanding enough about the markets and TRADING WELL can change YOUR LIFE. It has mine!

What could you do with a large increase in money? It has changed my life but truthfully I am just getting started. You may not need that much or maybe you wish to have much more.

But, for some of you having $1000 dollars extra monthly will dramatically change everything. Whatever your goals are I want you to know that it is possible. You just have to develop some NEW SKILLS.

My goal is to help you help yourself. I will provide my lessons learned, provide trading experiences, stock evaluations,  trading strategies, technical analysis, charting, market thoughts all through the webinar and some live trading zoom calls.

Remember that it takes MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. If you piss your money away GAMBLING it will be gone and this opportunity will be over for now.

Money isn't everything. But "having" it sure changes everything.

Freedom. Peace. Choices.


Get good at it and the money will follow. Let's get started.

Reminder and Disclaimer- As a member of this group my hope is that you do not spend money that you can't afford. Although this group access is affordable and I believe it presents a "CLEAR BARGAIN", I want to emphasize that you should be financially responsible. I just want to ensure I have the right members. I do not wish to have members that cannot afford the training and insights offered here. Please do not place you and your family in a poor position financially. If you are unsure, please message me for more clarity. The goal is to improve your financial position not hurt it . Finally, I am NOT a Registered Investment Advisor. This group is for training and educational purposes only.

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