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Eugene Brown Jr

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"Two Stocks From Hell" is an access group focused on helping people become BETTER traders leading to PROFITABLE outcomes. Whether you are a beginner or more experience, this group will provide concepts and skills to put more money in your pocket.

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In the group Two Stocks from Hell I focus on sharing knowledge that will help the members become better stock traders. The group meets every Wednesday from 630- 730 pm EST during a live Zoom call. Members will be able to ask questions and get answers to questions about stocks that they are interested in too. I don't know it all but my level of knowledge has made me a millionaire. My goal is to help people avoid the mistakes that I have made throughout my career of trading.

All sessions will be recorded for your future use. It will take you time, effort and practice to become consistently profitable. If you are willing to commit to the process you can change your life. In 2021 I bought the family a new custom built 5K sq.ft home in cash. The current value is 1.2 million. I am transforming the lives of my children and wife. My goal is to give them a life that is different and fulfilling. Money can at least give them some options. Money can't buy happiness but when used properly can't effect some change. So here are the key areas I focus on during my calls:


How often in life do you think people with money sit down and work with people to teach them what they have learned? It happens. But not at this price point. To become a member of Two Stocks from Hell it's just $49.99 per month. I will endeavor to teach you how I took my balance of $5,000 to nearly $3,000,000 in one year. Think about it. If I have to "sell" you on how incredible this opportunity is for you -you are most likely in the wrong place and should quickly change your mindset. So why would I do this? I love what I do. I believe that you reap what you sow. I believe that a person should give back and I believe in making money and scaling my skillset. If you ask life for much it will pay that price. 


Hope to see you in the group and please let me know why you decided to join. Either way thank you for time and I wish you well in your journey if we do not meet.


This world of ours is filled with challenges. One of those is obviously providing financially for ourselves and our families. I have a skill set that produces a healthy amount of money consistently. I trade stocks. In this community I provide content in the form of Experiences to help one learn the basics.  My goal is to teach others how to profitably do the same inside of my groups to help you learn FASTER and take advantage of my lessons learned. 

In our country most people live paycheck to paycheck. I have seen estimates as low as 54% and as high as 78%. Our system is not designed for everyone to thrive. Most people do not know how build wealth. It was not taught in high school or in college. And when adults enter the workforce most find themselves solely investing in their 401K.

My goal is to teach our members how to consistently identify, enter, and exit trades profitably. This is not an easy journey. Half of you will probably fail before the first year is up. The market washes many people. Believe me I know first hand! 

The truth of the matter, is that traders lack in the knowledge and DISCIPLINE necessary to become successful. It takes time to learn how to trade well. If it were easy everybody and their mother would be trading. But instead of going through the "school of hard knocks" and lose your money, you can learn from my mistakes. ADVANTAGE -You!


I offer groups to teach you what I have learned over the years. The groups are at varying price points starting at $49.99 per month. Each group affords a specific amount of access to me and my training. The instruction will primarily be focused on teaching you the necessary skills during live Zoom calls. Ideally the members will have some experience with trading or investing before joining but it is not required. The access groups are designed with the goal of helping you become a better trader/investor. I will focus on developing your skills in the areas of order entry and exit, money management, trading strategies, and technical and fundamental analysis. I will also provide a heavy emphasis on reviewing stocks. And at times I will be demonstrating live trading for you to follow along.



Disclaimer-My goal is not tell you what you should do but to teach you. It will be no different than you paying tuition for a college course. I am not a Registered Investment Advisor nor do I hold myself out to be. I also have no affiliations with the stocks we discuss. These groups are for training and educational purposes only. Your investment decisions are yours alone and I cannot be held responsible for your actions.


If you wish to receive Coaching , please click on the "Groups" tab above for further details. You can also send me a message to discuss your goals prior to joining a group. The consultation is free. Take advantage of the the opportunity. Most stock trading millionaires won't give you this kind of access for your price of admission. It (the interactive access) will pay for your monthly fee many times over if you apply what you learn. The true benefits come from the INTERACTION. We will have a weekly session and I will occasionally offer Live Trading and addditional Zoom calls. Pay attention to the announcement section and be sure to have your notifications turned on. To adjust your notifications just click on your profile picture to access the drop down box. I would HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to be on ALL calls if possible but know that they will be recorded.

So prepare for a journey that is unbalanced, emotional, and mentally exhausting at times. But if you listen, practice, study, and apply the training that I am sharing with you, you'll significantly increase your chances of becoming successful. Understand it may take a year. So buckle up, get your MIND right, and let's get to work!



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