How to Pay Your Rent in a Day- The ASTC Trade
by Eugene Brown Jr

The Setup-

Earning money daily trading stocks can be profitable. In this experience I recap one of today's trades to show what's possible. This trade showcases a strategy that deals with "runners" or stocks that are "In Play". ASTC, Astrotech Corporation, announced that they are partnering with the Cleveland Clinic to provide a "breath test like" device to determine if someone has Covid.

The Experience-

In 3 videos (Presentation), I discuss the thought process behind "the trade". Why I bought it, and when I sold it. Trades like this one happen many. many times every single day. You just need to have a system to find them or a mentor to help you learn. I do have several groups that will help you learn and I also provide stock picks. 

There is a free group to help you with the basics. Intro to Stocks

Purchase date- 10/21/20

Screenshot_20201021-145513_Samsung Internet.jpgSee my last name on the left and the date. This image show how many shares I own, 

Bought 2022 shares at an average price of $2.32 per share.

Sold the majority at $2.60 today.

Screenshot_20201021-173913_Samsung Internet.jpg


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